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The Taurus Man in Bed

So take care. Of all the Zodiac signs, only cool-headed Taurus that he is, can handle, support and stand by a Scorpio woman through all her difficulty all Scorpio women out there know how we behave in our emotional life crisis. It is this enormous mental stability and inner power that enables him to handle all that Scorpio throws out in anger. No other zodiac, be it what some astrology websites say best love matches for Scorpio being Pisces and Cancer, can support or even handle Scorpio at its worst, Pisces and Cancer might run away or just stand there and let things take their own toll.

Only the Taurus could handle and take things head-on. This man delivers when times are bad.


But only when he is at calm and peace internally. Taurus, when hurt emotionally, like when I spewed some venom stung him at one time. He withdrew completely, became self-destructive, like without purpose or goal. Only when I apologized profusely and turned the heat on in bed amazing sex! Taurus, unlike some silly astrology websites claim of his raging anger, does not get angry easily.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: Zodiac Sign Love Matches

It takes a lot to get this man, angry! When others are blowing their trumpets when they are angry, he simply recluses himself into silence. Only when someone persists in their wrongdoings, does he face the quintessential Taurean wrath. I am very very happily married to a Taurus for more than 7 years. Only a Taurus can satisfy a Scorpio woman in sex, no Pisces or Cancer can do that, not even remotely close.

Even after 7 years, it stills feels pretty fresh with him. The magnetism is breath taking. My vote for my love, Taurus. Thank you so much for writing that, am a scorpio male with a sort of new , Taurus woman, you shed light on things, Please join my group on facebook Scorpio paradise I would really like to talk with you.

Met with a Scorpio man 15 years old than me about half year ago. However his other character are unforgettable. He was always lying, and even if he did something wrong or hurtful he never sincerely said sorry to you. Also he is very talkative and restless, calculating. Even he is with you a woman good enough for him , he still could be very flirting to other woman. He has big ego, supposing he is very successful since he was young. He wants a woman like a queen who could put glory on his face.

A person very peacockish. It ended with I left him firmly—not a right type for me. Some of them are suspicious, resentful, calculating very , stingy, designing and dramatical. It would be too much for our Taurus people. We are simple, stable and sincere. A friend introduced us and he came with high recommendation. I fell for him hook line and sinker. He asked me to move in within 6 months.

He waa the sweetest loving affectionate. One day a woman calls apologising telling me he ghastly been staying with him. Turns out they had a falling out and to hurt him she called me. I was do vexed my boy learns a bout it and I tell him I wanted nothing to do with him. He is busy pleading etc. Next he is telling me he loves me n the baby blah blah.

Because of some issues he has to leave the country and it was all within weeks of this happening. I have since heard he is using me to drain all my funds. I have loaned him money which he cleverly pays back in drips. He has been gone less than a month but calls are reducing although he picks up when I call him. He also tells a fibs which when confronted he would be nonchalant in his reply. Do you think he is worth holding on to?

Ps he was so keen to meet my folks but I have never met not spoke to his. Looking deeply into the future of being with the Taurus woman I know, I see Myself standing strong and have no thoughts of wanting another woman. That is if She has my trust. I notice She has the tendency to be quite flirty even while in relationships, I see this. That is my fear.

That is just the way i feel about my taurus woman, i would bow to her and kiss her feet to i never been so in love in my life She opened up my eyes to a world of love i never knew and i was married 21 years Please join my facebook Group Scorpio paradise. That is just the way i feel about my taurus woman, i would bow to her and kiss her feet to i never been so in love in my life She opened up my eyes to a world of love i never knew and i was married 21 years, my facebook Group is called Scorpio paradise.

I am a scorpio and my boyfriend is a taurus,we are both in show business and some times spend monthe apart. He is very moody and jealous,and can get verbul abusive,courting was fine,but when things got serious he wants all his way,he is quiet a ladies man a flirts a lot,but sulks if i talk to anyone,can you see this being a lasting relationship?

Iam a scorpio woman and I married a Taurus man.

"Selfish? Lazy? A Glutton? Moi?"

He is very loyal and so am I.. I have dated other men in the past and have never had a relatioship with anyone of them like I do with him.. He has treated me with so much respect and has made me the most happiest woman ever.. I am 3yrs older then him but that seems to make things fun with us.. We have so many things in common.. We want pretty much the same things outta life and thats one thing that makes us work.. Im a Taurus Male, was with a Scorpio female for 8 months.

We connected well early, and fell in love quickly. I was consumed by her, the sex was amazing, not that she did anything special, we just connected. She always said I was the best she ever had. She would be prepared to push boundries sexually, and that made me feel insecure. She was a teriible flirt, and I hated that. She cheated on me more than once.

In spite of the bad things — I was always drawn to her. Weve been apart for 6 weeks now, and she was having it off with various men the week following our split. Id avoid Scorpio ladies like the black plague in future. Most hurt Ive ever been — and the worst any partner has ever treated me ever. Be careful if you are considering this. They dont find loyalty comes easy to them, and us Taureans crave it. I would like to add some input here.

My first love was a Taurus man. To have those emotions and crave that relationship and loyalty and be not only shot down by stabbed in the back repeatedly kills me and makes me feel crazy because I immediately become suspicious and will have a hard time trusting a Taurus man because of my history. Just need to find the right one for us, whatever sign that might be. This is almost deadly accurate and describes our stubborness and loyalty to a tee. I am a scorpion woman, I dated two Taurean guys and it never worked out….

The second guy we went out thrice and then 2 weeks back I asked him to meet up just because he was sick but he got mad at me and started saying that we cannot be together. I cried my heart out not knowing where did I go wrong. So I emailed him asking him to meet, I did not want to write a big email because it would make me look drama queen but I still wanted to know what was going on with him and how is his health and no other intentions.

But he was reluctant on meeting me, to that he writes that I am causing drama. So I wrote him a email telling what I actually wanted to say to him in person. And then I ran into him the other day, he was avoiding me and reluctant as hell, and then I said good to know that you are okay and I really do not want to cause any drama, so he says we will talk later and since then he has not said a word.

But I still try being happy. I still do not know why this happened to me and I know I should not over analyze my situation but still cannot help. I have lost faith in all of this. I was never ever expecting a perfect relationship :'. Ooohhh that is so bullshit How can you even say that like you personally know every scorpio man?

Maybe you are that type of girl but you just sound dumb. I highly doubt that your a Taurus, cause taurus women are super intelligent. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility. Like Share this. Shannon September 4th, Like 0. The results for this lighthearted BuzzFeed quiz include brainiacs, artistic types, dreamers, and go-getters. In eight questions, PlayBuzz can tell you what your perfect zodiac match is, without knowing your own zodiac sign. You are as romantic as they get, and your number one struggle seems to be balancing staying at home and going out.

You and your partner can use this quiz to find out what your horoscopes can tell you about your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. Quizzes are fun, but what daters really want are answers. You can use these quick tips to find a partner whose astrological sign is in agreement with yours. As girlfriends, Cancer lesbians are stable, warm, and nurturing. Photo Credit: Astrograph. Libra is an air sign, tending toward intellectualism and an active social life, while Cancer is more emotionally attuned and less outgoing.

Cancers are stable homebodies and attentive partners. Cancer signs are compatible with other water signs, including Pisces and Scorpio. The lion is known as the king of the jungle, and the Leo definitely dominates every setting with passion and charm. That can rub some on the zodiac chart the wrong way. Leos should think twice before dating a Taurus. According to Elle.

Taurus & Capricorn: Love Compatibility

Similarly combustible partnerships include Leo-Scorpio and Leo-Capricorn. My sister-in-law is a Leo and happily married to a Cancer. They do challenge one another sometimes, but their differences really bring out the best in each other. Gemini are known for being flirtatious, nervous, and indecisive. Gemini communicate well and can adapt to nearly any situation. Gemini lesbians looking for a partner may want to give a fair-minded Libra a try.

Try a mix of the following: mysterious air, quick wit, and style. This personality type does not play well with other willful zodiacs, including Aries and Libra. Two Capricorns paired together spells trouble. According to Astrology-Signs-Zodiac. Easygoing Pisces and practical Virgos make great partners for Capricorns because they provide a good balance in the relationship.